ACCMS TM 2018: 07-09 September 2018 in Vietnam National University, Hanoi – Vietnam

The Vietnam National University, Hanoi is very pleased to welcome almost 300 scientists and researchers with 200 research papers from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, USA, Germany, France, England and Vietnam, with more than 80 foreign members; including 3 Plenary speakers, 39 Invited speakers, 39 Oral reports and 115 Poster reports.

ACCMs conference is a great conference, and be organized by letting various countries to take turns to hold: Japan, Korea, China, Russia, India, Malaysia and so on. And this year, we are very honored to organize ACCMs conference in Vietnam National University in Hanoi (07-09 September 2018:

This ACCMS-TM 2018 aims to promote international exchange of ideas and to share recent advances and developments in all aspects of multi-scale modeling methodology and application in computational materials science. Emphasis is placed on new ideas in the form of novel theories, refined mathematical models and innovative simulation approaches to solve complex multi-disciplinary problems. Of specific interest are the simulation techniques linking different hierarchies in physics, mechanics, chemistry, materials science, composite, engineering, and bio-medicines as well as the coarse-grained methodologies linking quantum, atomistic and statistical theories to modeling engineering problems at the continuum scale.

Report topics are not limited to “Multi-scale modeling and simulations” (accounting for 20%), but also for “Nanostructure materials” (accounting for 15%), “Materials for energy storage and conversion” (accounting for 15%), “Advanced composite and functional-graded materials and structures” (20%) and some other areas with smaller ratios. The quality of the reports that are assessed through abstract is fairly high, with innovative research and great practical use.

One of the remarkable points in the ACCMs this time is that many researches involve simulation of advanced material and smart structures in which the material properties are changing, not likit only in the computation of material itself but also in structures, for the structural stability, both statics and dynamics problems. The research papers in ACCMs will be considered to publish in the special sections of prestigious international journals. Especially, there are over 40 reports of invited famous professors in the world, this is an evidence that ACCMs receives great attention from research community in the world.

ACCMs has a special meaning to Vietnamese researchers and scientists because we have a chance to meet, exchange and learn from the leading professors of the world. Then, we could contribute, improve and develop the new and leading research topics not only in Vietnam, but also in the world nowadays.

On the behalf of the committee of this conference, I am very thankful for Prof. Kawazoe and all international communities letting us have the honor to organize the ACCMs conference at VN national university in Hanoi. I am very grateful to all the care, help and support from University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University – Hanoi, National Foundation for Science and Technology Development of Vietnam (Nafosted), Asia Research Center, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Vietnam Japan University and so on. And especially, I am thankful for all 300 researchers and scientist in the world joining the conference.

Chairman of the ACCMS TM 2018,
Professor Dr.Sci. Nguyen Dinh Duc
Vietnam National University, Hanoi

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